Welcome to Lovingly Diapered!

In 2004 I don’t think I would have ever believed that I would have found myself on this journey, a journey that has tested every boundary of who I thought I was. Being an Adult Baby Girl and a Mommy is something that is very personal and special. It is a gift, and the experience has taught me a lot about human nature and love. I have become a better person through my interactions with other ABDLs.

I have decided that having a nursery shouldn’t be something I explore by myself. I am opening up my doors to other littles and bigs who have an interest in being an adult baby. I am still a professional Mommy (and you can book sessions with me), but I thought it was time for other people to be able to explore the joy and rapture of spending time in a special sanctuary for little boys and girls.

It’s an experience I think everyone should have. I am lucky enough that through my obstacles and struggles I’ve been able to make many friendships and facilitate loving relationships. Now it’s time to give back! My husband and I live in sunny Denver, Colorado, surrounded by our many furry babies and also many friends. I own and operate my own businesses (Mmm...Diapers!, Diapered Kitten, Mommy Kat, and phone sessions via NiteFlirt), and we have a 650 square foot Nursery devoted to our interest in EVERYTHING DIAPERS!

We also have a School Room and a Dungeon that help us explore other avenues of diaper play I enjoy. I never imaged that I would turn into this kinky little girl. Much like Alice went down the rabbit hole, so have I. There is so much pleasure and excitement in being a Diaper Lover, Dominant Switch, and being a sweet and innocent mommy/little girl. So I want to share. I want everyone to know the feeling of letting your cares melt away. So many of us missed having a childhood, and it's time to make up for it!

What you can expect to find:
✓ An adult-sized playpen (a king sized mattress housed by a 5’-3" railing) that ensures no little boys or girls can get out once it is locked
✓ An adult-sized high chair with locking tray, waist belt, and wrist restraints
✓ An adult-sized changing table (although diapers are not provided)
✓ An adult-sized crib (with a twin size mattress and two railing settings)
✓ An adult-sized rocking horse, Horatio
✓ A private bathroom (with bath tub, sink, and potty)

You'll also find all the other essentials you’ll need for relaxing and playing, toys for boys or girls, sippy cups or bottles, every Disney movie I have, white noise for helping babies sleep, a recliner so that babies can be nursed by their Mommies or have storytime with their Daddies, a mini fridge (to keep bottles cold), a microwave (to heat up bottles or left overs), and also a small list of other sights to experience in the Denver area (like the best ice cream place in town, the Denver zoo, etc).

The concept of staying at Lovingly Diapered is are similar to what one would expect of a hotel stay, except you’ll have a 3 room suite instead of a small room, and your room will have everything in it you’ll need to put you instantly at peace. Make-believe and magic become reality as serenity and love wash over you. There is no other nursery in this country equal to the experience you’ll have in my home. Details are what make the experience important, and if anyone knows how to look after an experience it’s me. So join us for a fun adventure, and escape from the grueling pressures of life. A visit to Lovingly Diapered is the experience of a lifetime!